All data right where you are

Searching for project data can be a time-consuming task and can as well cause stress. By keeping your data in a safe centralized system, you are able to access your data anywhere, anytime. Bringing your project data on site is as easy as bringing your laptop, tablet or smartphone...

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Reuse your work

Everyone encounters similar problems in his/her career as (s)he already encountered earlier. Encountering the same problems over and over again is useless. Therefore, Processbyte guides you trough a modular approach for your projects so you can reuse these components in the future. This way, you can save time to meet new challenges...

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Customizable for every project

Every project is different and requires a different approach. You can customize Processbyte to meet the specific needs in every project. It is possible to add or remove different project stages, splitting up the project in different clusters and so much more...

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Sharing is caring

Project management is so much more than just managing the project. Things like informing the stakeholders are also part of project management. Thanks to our advanced user access system, you decide exactly what other people have access to. Informing your shareholders is as easy as keeping your project up-to-date. Processbyte will take care of the rest...

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Our Vision

Our vision is to automate your projects in detail for all, directly and indirectly involved. This from the first idea trough the entire process to the after-sales service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the cost of your construction projects by sharing real time information, banning miscommunications and actually achieving deadlines.

Our Team

Our highly motivated team is always at your service to ensure a great experience with Processbyte.

Jonas Gijbels

Jonas Gijbels

Internet computing engineer, full-stack developer at Lutec CVBA.

Luc Gijbels

Luc Gijbels

Project engineer building technologies, front-end developer at Lutec CVBA.

Our experience goes further than the IT process. We also built an expertise in monitoring and supervising projects in the construction industry. Thanks to a good cooperation with our partnersincluding project engineers, contractors, manufacturers etc., we offer a unique user experience with our web application that you cannot find anywhere else.

Our Story

How we came up with the idea of Processbyte

In the spring of 2014 during a pleasant chat between father and son, Luc explains his work as project leader building techniques, Jonas talks passionately about his computer engineering studies. One thing leads to another and we discover that we may have found a solution to the challenges and frustrations specific to construction projects by using software.

The idea of Processbyte was born! Let’s make the software to manage projects.

Ideas were shared, drafts were made, and possibilities were discussed. But what first seemed as simple ideas turned out to be large and complex challenges. What started as a hobby ended in an almost fulltime job. But we never gave up.

At the end of 2016 a prototype was ready. We both were very proud to announce the prototype to some people whose daily job was to manage projects in the construction industry. The joy increased when we heard that they were willing to test our software. We received a lot of feedback and learned a lot thanks to these. We added and improved some features, but we also had to remove some of them. At the end we could say that we made more changes to Processbyte than we kept similarities. We didn’t only focus on features but also on user experience, the interface and backend to improve your experience with Processbyte and deliver faster and more reliable services.

In 2018 we announced our first full-fledged version of Processbyte, the project management web application. Processbyte is ready to assist all users – before, during and after the execution of their projects.

In the mean time we keep on working to improve Processbyte to assist you in your future projects. To keep adding features so more efficiency is gained by using the software.

Our simple idea is no longer a hobby but a professional passion.

We sincerely hope that you can keep your projects manageable and organized with Processbyte. The challenges in the world of projects are great and there is a lot of work out there that still needs to be done, to improve this world for everyone. We wish you good luck with all your projects.

Luc & Jonas

The power of a centralized system

By using Processbyte, a lot of work can be automated. An advantage thanks to a centralized sytem for every stakeholder of your project.


Made for every stakeholder of the project

Whether you are a general client, project manager, contractor, architect, engineering firm or any other stakeholder of the project, Processbyte helps you by keeping you up-to-date with the most recent information relevant to your position and offers live overviews of your project data. This way you always have a correct view on the state of affairs of your projects.



Filling in a claim can be a time-consuming task. You have to determine how much to claim for an unfinished piece of work and if the counterparty files a counter-proposal it can be hard to notice adjusted amounts and comparing them to the amounts you asked for. This can all lead to misunderstandings from which no one benefits. Processbyte helps you by filling in the new claim with amounts in accordance with the status of the planning and the amount that was tendered. The counterparty can accept a proposal or make a counter-proposal. When a counter-proposals is received, the changed amounts are marked clearly and their previous value is shown next to the new value.



A well designed planning is the key to success in every project. Nevertheless, making and updating the project planning is not always that easy. Processbyte helps you by generating the basics from the earlier created project frame. When a claim is approved using Processbyte, the planning will update itself so it stays representative.


Meeting reports

Writing meeting reports is easier than ever. Use one of the predefined templates in Processbyte or create your own templates. Select the people who wish to receive the report qnd its revisions by mail. All that remains is to click 'send'.

Discover Processbyte

Discover the numerous features that will assist you in your daily job.


Project Phases

Processbyte is there for you in every step of the process. Adaptable as needed, you decide the desired steps in your project.

Process Project Phases
Processbyte Quantity Take-Off

Importing and exporting data is easy

You can easily import or export all your data to use in other systems like e-Tendering, reporting and so on


Modular project frame

A flexible project frame that is easy to work with. The project frame helps you to design your projects in a modular way, so that you can easily reuse parts of your work in the future

Processbyte Project frame
Processbyte Phases

Keeps track of history

Data from the previous phases is retained in the state in which the phase was closed


Manage your building team

The advanced access rights system gives you complete control to determine who can read and change data within your project. The access rights can be determined to cluster level. You can give people access to read or change data within a cluster, and whether they can read the financial details or not.

Processbyte Buildingteam
Processbyte Logbook

Een logbook for every project

A log is kept for each project containing information about who has changed what at what time

Request Demo or Offer

Requests for a demo or an offer are temporarily processed manual. An automated system to process requests and payments is coming soon!

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